Ep. 9 feat. Brady Childs



Your least-favorite niche podcast is back. After an inebriated intro recorded from Mets Opening Day, Liam sits down with the notorious Brady Childs of The Dynasty Guru to discuss MLB, fantasy, the fireman bullpen role, pace of play, tv shows, wrestling, and of course, emailing the rival podcast. Enjoy a 3 hour discussion cut down to roughly 2 hours with David Hasselhoff providing awkward transitions to mask the poor editing.

The Bad Guys Pod Ep. 4 feat. Trevor Strunk


After having scrapped an episode or two, the guys get their shit together for a double-length episode of the re-branded pod. In the first half, they talk Shohei Ohtani, Giancarlo Stanton(before he was traded), Mets legend Dave Williams, and Yelp reviews of the Wal Mart in Pottsville, PA. Trevor Strunk joins the pod in the second half to talk Space Jam, Phillies twitter, Eagles stuff, and more. A lot more. “…and we back.”